The design process at BOBBY KOLADE often begins with a specific place in mind, be it an office, a courtyard, or West Africa. Elements in clothing from any one of these ‘places’ are invigorated with colour and spontaneity to create collections that encourage individuality in dressing. Whereas this ‘place’ may vary from season to season, the person in mind is unwaveringly pert and elegant, fast und curious. At the stronghold of the Berlin-based label: eccentric chromaticity, an extraordinary interaction of textures and excellently tailored trouser suits and coats.

BOBBY KOLADE is constantly upping efforts to reduce the environmental impact of creating and consuming in the industry: all products are locally produced in Germany and fabric sourcing is handled with care. With a strict no-leather and no-fur policy, the search for comparable alternatives is an integral part of the design process. Take for example bark cloth, sourced from eco-friendly farms in Uganda, or hand-woven, chemical-free cotton from Ethiopia.